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Agronomic Planning

as a landscape component.

Chile is one of the only bastions of land in the southern hemisphere.

And even more, practically the entire population of the planet is located in the northern hemisphere.

This puts us in a unique off-season food production condition. In other words, when it is winter there, it is summer here, which means that the appetite of the northern hemisphere can only be supplied by agricultural production from the southern hemisphere.

And according to INTARQ, the most important still is the fruit production located below the 40 ° S parallel.

Given its unique conditions of temperature and water availability, we have the tools for a magnificent fruit production with a lot of added value.

Intarq aims to be a crucial link in the initial stages of fruit projects. A garden today cannot be thought without the human component or without the habitability component of the plants.

Intarq intends to solve the design and solution of problems that provide added value from architectural tools.

Analyzing the conditions of the place, its climate, its forms and its condition of sunlight.

Intarq will carry out a complete survey of the variables that are invoked in a project of this nature, including afforestation in native flora.


Fruit growing

"Fruit growing, the power of
regional development "