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A stadium for Osorno

Milk and Meat Stadium

OsOrnO Concept OOO

When thinking of a stadium for osorno, we think of what is unique for the city and the most recognizable for the visitor.

The osornino is always thought with a cow by his side, for this reason we take the Cow as an element and the milk in a glass as an influence of shape and color.

Then O s O rn O has 3 large O's that, if mounted one on top of the other, generate a vertical circular space, which refines the proposal in a way linked to their place of O rule. It reinforces the strictly circular stadium concept.

That determines the strictly round shape and the coloring comes from the milk, as well as the sinuous movement of the galleries that recalls the glass of milk that is beaten.


Then to develop the ceiling and the shape of the stands we were inspired by a glass of milk that stirred, a vortex that had full and a center that sinks and renews energy.

The stadium is planned with a post-tensioned roof with counter-arrow traction and 90% of its energy outside the events will be based on wind and solar energy.


In its totality it would house 13,000 people.


Public design competition for the new stadium in Osorno.

INTARQ's proposal understands the space as a multi-purpose place capable of hosting various programs.

Its shape originates from the shape of a glass overflowing with milk and from the morphology that the name of the city offers us: O s O rn O. If we stack the 3 we form a perfectly circular space.